Eating the right foods will help you to perform at your best. What, how much and when you eat will have a big impact on your health, energy and performance.

Before Training

Eat a meal 1-3 hours before training: accompany with a drink of water.

  • Jacket Potato with cheese, tuna or baked beans plus salad.

  • Pasta with tomato based sauce or pesto, with vegetables.

  • Rice or noodles with chicken, fish or beans.

  • Sandwich/roll/bagel/wrap filled with tuna, cheese, chicken or peanut butter.

Pre-Training Snacks

If you don't have time for a meal, have a snack approximately 1/2-1 hour before training with a drink of water, you should NEVER train on empty!

  • A banana (or other fresh fruit) and a handful of nuts.

  • A cereal bar.

  • A pot of fruit yogurt and an apple.

  • A couple of slices of bread or toast with honey.

  • Two or three mini pancakes.

  • A couple of rice cakes with peanut butter.

During Training (lasting more than an hour)
  • Start drinking early during training - within the first 30 minutes.

  • Aim to drink around 500ml per hour.

  • Drink little and often, ideally every 15-20 minutes.

  • Fruit juice diluted with an equal amount of water.

  • Squash diluted 1:4 with water.

  • 500ml flavoured milk.

  • One banana plus 500ml milk.

  • 2 pots (2 x 150g) of fruit yogurt.

  • One cereal bar plus 500ml semi skimmed milk.

  • 60g raisins fruis and 50g nuts.

  • 4 rice cakes and 20g peanut butter plus 200ml orange juice.

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The above advice is taken depending on the level of training you are undertaking.and is recommended for competitive lane swimming children.

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