Fee Structure




Intro to Synchro (Stage 8 & 9) - £20.00 per month

Intro to Synchro (Stage10) - £30 per month

Pre-Grade - £50.00 per Month

12U Div 1/2 - £62 per Month

13/18 Div 1 - £57 per Month

12U Div 2 - £75 per Month

13/18 Div 2/Champs - £85 per Month



If there are two competitive swimmers in one family, we currently offer 10% discount to the 2nd swimmer.



All fees are payable by standing order and are due in advance on 1st of each month.


The annual ADULT CLUB MEMBERSHIP (including Swim England membership) is £10, payable on joining and again each 1st January. We would prefer that at least one adult member of each family join.



Competition fees are additional and can vary in cost. Some competitions may require an over night stay, therefore travel and accommodation costs will be required.

Portsmouth Victoria Synchronised Swimming Club has always aimed to keep its fees as low as possible.

We are a non-profit making organisation and in order that we can keep our fees low, we ask our members to:

Pay by monthly standing order from your bank.

Understand that the cost of belonging to the swimming club is based on an annual fee, spread over twelve months. The fees include additional costs the club is required to pay, such as coach & volunteer training, music licences and insurance.

The club operates throughout the year, with a 2-week closure in the Summer holidays and 2-week closure during the Christmas break. Therefore, members are expected to continue their standing orders, opting in and out of payment, as and when you child can swim, may incur a “re-joining fee”. This rule may be relaxed when a child is injured or ill for an extended period of time.

If a swimmer wishes to leave the club it is the swimmers responsibility to cancel the standing order. Refunds will not be given for failure to do so.



There is a yearly payment of £17 for new starters and £37 for all current members. The payment goes towards your child’s ASA annual registration fee, this is payable every January.

This is a compulsory annual contribution to Swimming’s Governing Body with the most relevant benefits being insurance for the swimmers and the Club’s eligibility to swim in competitions.

Failure to pay this fee will result in the swimmer becoming suspended from the ASA and will therefore not be insured to take part at sessions with Portsmouth Victoria.

New members are required to pay their ASA fee at the time of their first standing order payment.

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