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There are four levels of synchro competition in England, designed to give swimmers the opportunity to progress to national and international standard. Entry for each level of competition is dependent on swimmers achieving different grades.

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Guide to the four levels of English Synchro competitions

  • Level 1 competitions are designed as an introduction to the competitive side of the sport. These events are run by either clubs or counties and feature figures competitions only.

  • Level 2 competitions are also a grass roots event but will involve higher entry standards and may include a free combination team event as well as figures.

  • Level 3 competitions introduce free routines for the first time and will typically be a regional event. Swimmers between nine and 12 years old will be expected to have achieved at least grade 2 while swimmers over 13 will need to be at least grade 3 standard.

  • Level 4 competitions are national events for the most competitive swimmers in the country who have achieved high figure grades.


Competitions vary in length depending upon the type. Some competitions involve an afternoon only, some a whole day and some for the whole weekend! If the competition is out of the local area, then swimmers may be expected to travel up on Friday evening and stay in a hotel.

As our Coaches are often on the judging panel at competitions, we appoint Team Managers (usually parents who have a DBS check) who assist the swimmers in the changing rooms to get ready for their figures or routines.

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