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Multi Regional 2010


12 U - Robyn Stanhope - 5th place
15/16/17 - Rhiannon Williams - 3rd place (South East & Multi Regions)

Recreational Teams
12U  Team - 1st Place (South East & Multi Regional Competition)
13/14 Team - 1st place (South East & multi Regional competition)
15/16/17 Team - 1st Place (South East & multi Regional Competiton)

Figures (Age awards)
Hannah Murphy - 3rd place (age 11)
Rhiannon Williams - 1st place (age 15)

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Rushmoor Novice Competition
May 2010

Just to pass on some really good news,the Prelim section had a wonderful result at the Rushmoor Novice Competition

In the 12 and under group
1st Briony Mengham
3rd Rosie Gunn
7th Heather Saunders
8th Evie Minker
10th Evie Coffey
11th Lauren Towsey
14th Claire McConnachie
16th Charleigh Lammiman
18th Cerys Cronin
20th Megan Willis

in the 13+ group
4th Zoe Long
10th Shannon Gray
11th Ellie Edwards

This has resulted in Zoe Long being the Hampshire Novice Champion for 2010.

Thanks to Nicky and David for organising the entries, the parents for their support and of course the coaches for nagging you all until you are sick of hearing us!

Scottish National and Open Age Group Championships
31st November - 1st December 2009

Event Rank Name
12 & U Figs 11
Madison Murphy
Robyn Stanhope
Hannah Murphy
Ruby Walker
13/14/15 Figs 2
Caitlin Aherne
Rhiannon Williams
Olivia Fairlie
Elie Holland
Romy Barton
Bethany Morrison
Catriona McDougall
Kirsty Collins
Suzie Francis
Danni Macintyre
Grace Bennett
13/14/15 Age Grp Solo 5
Caitlin Aherne
Rhiannon Williams
Junior Figs 2
Zoe Williams
Isabel George
Lana Aherne
Hannah Hickman
Lucy Harfield
12 & U Age Grp Duets 5 Robyn Stanhope &
Hannah Murphy
13/14/15 Age Grp Duets 4 Rhiannon Williams &
Romy Barton
Under 15 years
Recreational Free Duet
Ella Minker & Kirsty Collins
Bethany Morris & Elie Holland
Tilly Fairlie & Madison Murphy
National & Open Tech team 4  
12 yrs & U Age Grp Free Team 1  
13/14/15 Age Grp Free Team 3  
Under 15 yrs Combi Rec Team 2  
Open Free Combi Team Competitive 4  
Scottish National 13/14/15 Figs 3 Catriona Mcdougall

Multi Regional Championships 10th October 2009

Event Rank Name
12 & U Figs 7 Madison Murphy
13/14 Figs 2
Caitlin Aherne
Rhiannon Williams
Bethany Morrison
15/16/17 Figs 1
Zoe Williams
Lana Aherne
13/14 Free Comp Solo 2
Caitlin Aherne
Rhiannon Williams
12 & U Free Combi Rec Team 1  
13/14 Free Combi Rec Team 1  
15/16/17 Free Combi Rec Team 2  

Hampshire Age Groups 20th June 2009

10 & Under figures
1st Hannah Murphy
2nd Robin Stanhope

12 & under figures
4th Madison Muphy
9th Tilly Fairlie

13/14 figures
1st Rhiannan Williams
3rd Caitlin Ahern
8th Bethany Morrison
9th Olivia Fairlie
10th Romny Barton

15/16/17 figures
1st Zoe Williams
4th Isobel George

12 & Under duets
2nd Madison Murphy & Tilly Fairlie
3rd Hannah Murphy & Robin Stanhope

13/14 duets
3rd Rhiannan Williams & Romy Martin
4th Ellie Holland & Bethany Morrison

Calne Friendly - 21st March

Trio Competition - 1st - Steph Richards/Danni McIntyre/Suzie Francis 

Duet Competition [Skill 1] - 2nd - Kirsty Collins/Ella Minker

Duet Competition [No Skill] - 2nd - Robyn Stanhope/Ruby Walker
                                       3rd - Catriona McDougall/Lauren Baverstock
                                       5th - Hannah Murphy/Millie McIntyre
                                       7th - Robyn Craig/Misa Aungiers

Scottish Nationals 2008

12/U Figures
Ellie Holland 7th
Beth Morrison 10th

12/U Solo
Beth Morrison 4th

12/U Duet
Ellie Holland / Beth Morrison 3rd

13/14/15 Figures
Izzy George 5th
Caitlin Ahern 6th
Rhiannon Williams 14th

13/14/15 Solo
Caitlin Ahern 6th

13/14/15 Duet
Rhiannon Williams / Romy Barton 4th

16/17 Figures
Zoe Williams 1st

Multi Regional Age Groups 19th October 2008

12/U figures
Beth Morrison 14th
Ellie Holland 20th

13/14 figures
Izzy George 6th
Caitlin Ahern 10th
Rhiannon WIlliams 11th

15/16/17 figures
Zoe Williams 5th
Jenny Clifford 20th
Lana Ahern 22nd

18/19 figures
Ellie George 1st
Sarah Clifford 3rd
Tamara Gale 4th

Recreational Teams
12/U team 2nd
13/14 team 2nd
* 19/U team 1st *

13/14 Solos
Caitlin Ahern 3rd

Autumn Babes

13/O No skill level
Natalie Stephenson 1st
Danni McIntrye 2nd
Steph Richards 3rd

12/U No skill level
Catriona McDougall 1st
Ella Minker 2nd
Lauren Baverstock 3rd
Hannah Murphy 5th
Lucie Jones 6th
Holly Guyer 7th
Ruby Walker 8th
Robyn Stanhope 9th
Millie McIntrye 13th
Misa Angiers 18th
Robyn Craig 19th
Nathan Collins 21st

13/O Skill 1/2
Ellie Holland 1st
Madi Murphy 2nd
Beth Morrison 3rd
Fillipa Furniss 4th
Kirsty Collins 5th

12/U Skill 1/2
Steph Hay 1st
Romy Barton 2nd
Grace Bennett 3rd

National Age Groups 5th-7th December 2008

12/U figures
Beth Morrison 32nd
Ellie Holland 42nd

13/14 figures
Rhiannon WIlliams 8th
Caitlin Ahern 15th

15/16/17 figures
Zoe Williams 6th
Lana Ahern 38th

18/19 figures
Ellie George 1st
Tamara Gale 7th

Recreational Teams
12/U team 4th
13/14 team 3rd
19/U team 1st

British Champs 5th-7th December 2008

Technical Solo
Ellie George 3rd

Free Solo
Ellie George 3rd

Hampshire Age Groups 25th June 2008

12/U figures
Ellie Holland 5th
Beth Morrison 8th

13/14 figures
Izzy George 1st
Caitlin Ahern 2nd
Rhiannon WIlliams 4th

15/16/17 figures
Zoe Williams 1st
Jenny Clifford 5th
Lana Ahern 7th

18/19 figures
Ellie George 1st
Sarah Clifford 3rd
Tamara Gale 4th

Reading Novice Competition 14th June 2008

Open Novice Skills Level 2 (Age 9-12)
Ellie Holland 12th
Beth Morrison 14th

Open Novice Skills Level 1 (Age 9-12)
Madi Murphy 5th
Fillipa Furniss 13th

Open Novice Skills Level 1 (Age 13-19)
Amy Spencer 5th

Open Competition (Age 9-12)
Olivia Fairlie 1st
Kirsty Collins 3rd
Ella Minker 8th
Catriona McDougall 9th
Tilly Fairlie 12th
Lauren Baverstock 21st
Hannah Murphy 31st
Millie McIntyre 40th

Open Competition (Age 13-19)
Grace Bennett 2nd
Danni McIntyre 4th
Steph Richards 20th

British Age Groups and Championships - December 2007

The 19 and under team won a well deserved first place with their exciting South American team.  Thanks to Tina Hinks and Becky George (and of course the swimmers) for all their hard work. 

The very new 12 and under team came 7th which was a credit to their coach Chris Martin and to the swimmers, some of whom have only been synchro swimming for just a year. 

Caitlin Ahern came 2nd in the 12 and under figures. 

Zoe Williams placed 9th in the 15/16/17 figures and Sarah Clifford was placed 13th and both were offered a place in the junior squad, with Tamara Gale coming in at 24th.  

In the British Champs Technical solo Kathryn Pounder came 13th.

Izzy George has been selected to train with the GB development squad.

ASA Multi Region Synchro Competition October 2007

12 & Under

Caitlin Ahern 2nd
Rhiannon Williams 7th
Ellie Holland 13th

13 & 14
Isy George 8th
Lana Ahern 19th

15, 16 & 17
Zoe Williams 11th
Sarah Clifford 13th
Tamara Gale 14th
Charlotte Giles 26th

Well done 12 and Under team for coming 3rd overall in your team event and second within the southern region. Team members: Ellie, Bethany, Caitlin, Rhiannon, Madi, Tilly, Olivia,
Filippa(Reserves) Ella, Catrina. Nationals here we come ......

Skill Assessment, June 2007

Well done to the following girls for obtaining their new skill level:

Level 1
Lucy Harfield

Level 2
Bethany Depledge
Rhiannon Williams
Eleanor Holland

Level 3
Izzy George
Hannah Hickman
Jenny Clifford

Level 4
Charlotte Giles

Level 5
Kathryn Pounder

Calne Competition Results, March 2007

Grade 1 Duets 1st - Caitlin Ahern & Bethany Morrison
Grade 1 Trio 3rd - Filippa Furness, Kate Horner & Rhiannon Williams

March 2007, Skill asessment

Well done to the following girls for obtaining their new skill level:
Level 1 - Ellie Holland
Level 2 - Caitlin Ahern
Level 3 - Lana Ahern
Level 4 - Kathryn Pounder

Reading, February 2006, Skill asessment:
Ellie Holland gained skill level 1
Caitlin Ahern gained skill level 2

Novice Reading competition - Saturday 17th June 2006

5th Zoe Hebblethwaite
45th Bethany Morrison

Skill Level 1
11th Lana Ahern
15th Jae Marklew
17th Caitlin Ahern

Skill Level 2
1st Issy George
3rd Kelsie Marklew
4th Jenny Clifford
7th Hannah Hickman
12th Aylssa Hayward


Lana & Caitlin - Duet 1st
Alyssa, Laura, Charlotte - Trio 4th


September 2005

12 &Unders
Figures - 1st Cherry Wilson - 7th Kelsie Marklew - 10 Izzy George - 16 Emily Freeman
Solos - 3rd Cherry Wilson - 7th Kelsie Marklew
Duets - 3rd Emily Freeman & Cherry Wilson - 4th Izzy George & Kelsie Marklew
Team - 3rd Cherry Wilson, Emily Freeman, Kelsie Marklew, Izzy George, Verity Healing, Bethany Depledge, Jae Marklew

13 & 14's
Figures - 14th Charlotte Freeeman - 16th Amy Tapply - 18th Zoe Williams - 25th Jenny Clifford
Team - 3rd Charlie Freeman, Amy Tapply, Jenny Clifford, Zoe Williams, Hannah Hickman, Megan Grady, Robyn Dombey, Alice Kallaway

Figures - 6th Beccy MacEnri - 9th Ellie George - 34th Tamara Gale - 40th Sarah Hunter - 41st Sarah Clifford - 45th Charlotte Giles
Solos - 5th Ellie George - 6th Beccy MacEnri
Duets - 2nd Beccy MacEnri & Ellie George
Team - 4th, Ellie George, Beccy MacEnri, Tamara Gale, Sarah Hunter, Sarah Clifford, Nikki Stones, Charlotte Giles, Claire Middleton


November 2005

Free solos - 8th Ellie George, 15th Beccy MacEnri

Free Duets - 5th Beccy MacEnri & Ellie George

Technical Duets - 5th Beccy MacEnri & Ellie George

Free Team - 6th Ellie George, Beccy MacEnri, Tamara Gale, Sarah Hunter, Sarah Clifford, Nikki Stones, Charlotte Giles, Lari Marklew

Technical Team - 6th Ellie George, Beccy MacEnri, Tamara Gale, Sarah Hunter, Sarah Clifford, Nikki Stones, Charlotte Giles, Lari Marklew


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